Yes, I'm serious. I'm giving away free photoshoots.
On the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an INFJ--otherwise know as "The Advocate." I want to help you generate high-quality images for your brand. 
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Shred Cube product image. There are several image layers here along with generated imagery to create this composite image.  I'm helping with their product photography and other marketing strategy efforts.

Your First Product Shoot Is On Me

Yes, I mean exactly that—a free product shoot. Look I get it, it’s hard out there. And you want to make sure your hard-earned cash is getting you the value you need back! 
Life is about finding those win-win scenarios. You get back what you put in. I realize that these days it can be rather tough to get started. In light of recent events, the need for good online content in a digital marketplace is ever more clear. 
There’s no need to beat around the bush—free photos help you with getting content for your own brand and another platform to share on. For me, shooting new content consistently keeps me sharp and adds to my portfolio. Obviously we can talk a further partnership after—as appropriate. 
The point is I’ve been there—struggling to figure out how to survive and how to present my brand. People have helped me along the way. Either helping me to restructure UI on my site or giving me business feedback on how to set up my pitch. This is how I can help people now while maintaining my brand and presence on the market. ​​​​​​​

Didas Distillery Hand Sanitizer product image produced for donation campaign (donate here).  I have an ongoing relationship with Dida's Distillery and Rappahannock Cellars generating image content for social media and their website. 

Are There Any Rules?

Well yes, there are a couple.

1) One Product Only
2) You Must Be Able To Send The Product To Me
3) I Reserve The Right To Decline Based On Content Or My Schedule

Pretty straightforward, I’m open to a lot. Keep in mind what I’m offering is worth about $150-200. It should give you something to work off of and will keep me creative!
Ok, time to get in touch.

Front Royal Brewing Company had me work on their beer images. They're an amazing local company where I live that is a driving force behind the renovation of Main Street. 

Time To Make A Pitch

Wait what? 
Yes, you will have to call me and make a pitch. Trust me, the bar isn’t that high and I won’t bite. Just contact me via this link here. Feel free to fill out the form email or just go ahead schedule a call directly into my calendar. 
I look forward to chatting. Let’s create something special!
Still need more convincing? Check out my portfolio or recent work here. 

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